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DMS project is financed through the grant 354-40-0311-2000 from Croatian Ministry for Science and Technology.

Many thanks to numerous colleges for useful comments and suggestions during site development.

The authors also express their gratitude to Dr.Shusaku Tsumoto and Dr. Takashi Washio for allowing us to use meningoencephalitis data set as an example, and to the authors of B-course web site for sharing the ideas in construction of a web site which includes data upload in a similar topic.

If you publish material based on the results from the DMS rule induction system, or other information from this WEB site, then, in your acknowledgments, please note the assistance you received. This will help others to obtain similar information or replicate your analysis. We suggest the following reference format for referring to this WEB site:
Gamberger, D. & Šmuc, T. (2001). Data Mining Server []. Zagreb, Croatia: Rudjer Boskovic Institute, Laboratory for Information Systems.

A BiBTeX citation:
@misc{Gamberger+Smuc:2001 ,
author = "D. Gamberger and T. Smuc ",
year = "2001",
title = "{DMS} Data Mining Server ",
url = " ",
institution = "Rudjer Boskovic Institute, Lab. for information systems "

If you want to refer to specific algorithms implemented on this site, here are references that can be used.

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