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Data mining server (DMS) is an internet service for online data analysis based on knowledge induction. The service begins with user's data upload to our server, after that computations are performed on the server, and finally the results are submitted to the users. Internet browsers enable communication with the server in both directions. Data are analyzed by the Inductive Learning by Logic Minimization (ILLM) system, conceived and developed at the Laboratory for Information Systems, Department of Electronics, R. Boskovic Institute.

After presenting the results, data are automatically deleted from our site. Even though we fully respect privacy and security of submitted data, please read the security information and the disclaimer.

The site includes educational materials, tutorials, and links to other related sites. The following table shows the site structure, including entry points to the main sections of the site.

New users Introduction and data preparation issues are given in this part.
Experienced users If you have data prepared in requested form, you can start with data analysis immediately.
Tutorial If you are novice in data mining and knowledge discovery, this part offers a brief introduction to the field.
Visitor's Comments Here you can make a comment and contact the authors concerning more complex problems.
DMS Project Information about the development of this site, acknowledgements, authors, and ILLM references can be found here.

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