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Why to use this site ?

The most important characteristic of the site is the prospect of performing some data mining operations on-line. Using relatively simple browser based interface you can send your data to server, it will perform data mining on your data, and return the results back to your browser. You do not need to install and maintain data mining software on your machine. Besides, the tutorial part offers various materials and links about data mining, solving problems, preparing data files and interpreting the results.

What this site really is ?

This is not a general data mining site. It consists of a single data mining tool based on an inductive machine learning approach. The tool constructs classification models in the form of rules which represent knowledge about relations hidden in data. The employed inductive approach is general and the server can deal with various domains, including science and business. Its potential applications can be found in every human activity which requires understanding of collected data and classification of future outcomes. In order to enable a simultaneous access to multiple users, we restricted the complexity of the data that can be submitted.

Where to start from ?

Those who wish to mine their own data and are the beginners in the field, are advised to start with a short introduction, proceed to data preparation, and finally look at the examples of already prepared input data. These files may be used to learn and verify the process of data submission and the retrieval of the models, which server generates. Some of the included data files are real problems and many experiments can be performed by their modifications. This may be interesting to those who have no own data. Users with previous experience in other data mining tools, can start with the description of the input data format. Our data format is simple but differs slightly from formats employed in other popular tools. Short description of data upload process might be useful for all new users. Those who have prepared data and who used this site before, may go directly to data mining. If you wish to learn more on how to convert a real world problem to a data mining task, data mining tutorial is the right place to start. There you can also find the links to other data mining sites.

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