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How to solve multi-class problems with DMS?

In a case when the target attribute has more than two classes (but not too many of them) it is possible to transform the problem to a series of two-class problems which can be solved by DMS. The transformation can be done in few different ways. Suppose that C is the number of classes in the original problem.
In this system there is no way for automatic transformation of multi-class to two-class problems. But the system enables that only minor input data file modifications allow rule induction for different two-class sub-problems.

A good practice is to give class names in the original problem so that they are different from all other attribute names and values. When a two-class problem should be prepared then only the target class name (or names) has to be converted to a string beginning by character '!'. Additionally, if some class has to be completely eliminated from the induction process then its class name is substituted by a string which begins with an '?'.

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