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Data Preparation on DMS

Preparation of a data file in the appropriate form is the most critical part of using this service. Please read the instructions for data file preparation very carefully. Especially, do take care that it is allowed to use one out of four different types of delimiters in your data file. Do not forget to choose the appropriate one by radio buttons when uploading the data file. Default delimiter type is one or more spaces or TABs between attribute values.

We have prepared several examples of data files which may be used to see how correct input data files should look like, to test the service, and to get the impression of how the result of data mining looks like.

The name of the data file on your computer is your choice. During execution on the server, the data is saved in a file with an internally generated name. Immediately after the rule generation, all files connected with this data will be removed from the server. If an other experiment with the same data is needed, the data file must be resubmitted.

There are several options which enable control of the data mining (rule induction) process to some extent. Please read the documentation about options carefully. For first time users, default setting is a good choice.

Security information.

The system will not record any user data but it will also not include any special security properties. Theoretically, the user has no guarantee that his/her data will not be read and stored by system or perhaps even by other users of the server. In cases when this fact may be the problem for the user, it is his/her responsibility to code learning examples so that it is not possible to reconstruct the important private data. Generally, this is not a difficult task.

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