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List of Prepared Data Files

Here you can find examples of already prepared input data files. You can read them, but you can also download them (click with right mouse and select SAVE .. AS) and then use them as your input data files. Every data file is prepared in four forms with different delimiters.

Small artificial training set with only 5 examples
delimiter is: ... space ... comma ... semicolon . or . TAB

Meningoencephalitis diagnosis data set is a real training set with 140 examples. It has been prepared for JSAI KDD Challenge 2001 (Matsue City, Japan, May 22, 2001). The database was donated by Dr.Shusaku Tsumoto and is here included with kind permission of Dr. Takashi Washio. Here is also a copy of the original data set . You can transform this data set using description of necessary and suggested steps for its transformation into the DMS form. For those who want to learn about the problem in depth here is a link to the detailed domain description. It is a nice example of a typical data mining application in a medical domain.
Prepared data set using different delimiters: ... space ... comma ... semicolon . or . TAB
are available here as well.

Pittsburgh bridges data set (donated by Y.Reich to the UCI Machine Learning Repository ) is a set with 108 examples. The data set and its description can be downloaded from the Repository .
Prepared data set with delimiter: ... space ... comma ... semicolon . or . TAB

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