How to Upload Data File

Here is a picture of the page that enables data upload and start of the induction process. With START button you actually start data upload and automatically after it data mining process. You will have to wait some time before results are presented on your screen. Computation time depends on the problem complexity and the number of other users on the server. Typical computation time is 10 seconds. But before you press button START you must enter the name of your data file and select some options.

  • A select the name of the data file on your computer. Instead of typing the name and the path of the file, you can press 'Browse...' button and search for the data file. The name of your data file is completely your choice.
  • B specify the type of the delimiter you have used in the data file. Selecting a wrong delimiter will prevent the server to correctly interpret the data file and, typically, strange errors about inappropriate number of input attributes will be returned to you.
  • C select 1-3 models that will be generated by the server. Please note that the requested number of models is presented only if the system actually can find as much good models. In cases when number of submitted examples is small or when the first model is significantly better than all other models, it can happen that you receive one or two models even you requested three.
  • D select the generalization parameter which enables to user to influence the induction process. Larger generalization parameter values will tend to construct models of larger subgroups for the positive target class often with the result that such models may incorrectly include also some cases of the negative class. Small parameter values will result in specific models which are correct for small subgroups of the positive class.
  • E additionally select if you want noise detection in the preprocessing. This selection will not influence the type of models that will be induced but it may give you some additional information about your data set. Do not use this option if not necessary because it can significantly increase the computation time for your task.

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